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2019 Fundraising Campaign - Gender Creative Kids Canada

2019 Fundraising Campaign

Gender Creative Kids Canada is currently seeking the generosity of the public as part of an online fundraising campaign to support the mission of our organization. This coming September 7th, we are proud to participate in the Dragon Boat Challenge on the Lachine Canal, a fundraising event organized by the Coalition des Groupes Jeunesses LGBTQ. We will compete in this race with a Dragonboat full of fierce rowers in the aim of raising awareness of our organization. Funds raised will go towards the cost of competing in the event, as well as support organizational projects.

Gender Creative Kids Canada is a non-profit organization founded in Montreal (2013) by parents of transgender and non-binary kids. Considered by many to be the reference on the subject, we offer family support meetings and art therapy activities for trans and non-binary youth all throughout the year.

We are also the creators of The You Inside project (www.aucoeurdetoi.com) which highlights Sam, the world’s first educational tool on gender diversity.  In collaboration with the firm LG2, Sam was brought to life in the aim of sensitizing people on what it means to be transgender, promoting empathy and acceptance.  The You Inside project has been recognized & awarded on several international stages for its concept and creativity.

This past year, we collaborated in a judicial process to amend the current civil code of Quebec to help better support trans and non-binary kids and teenagers, which proved to be a historic time of hope for trans communities of the province.  

Our activities are diverse and essential to the community and there is still much work to be done. Gender Creative Kids Canada will continue its mission to ensure that every child is respected and protected, regardless of their gender identity.

Our fundraising campaign begins today and we want to raise as much money as possible, as this is the only fundraising event that the organization will hold in 2019.

You can offer any amount that you are comfortable with. Every dollar counts!

Charity receipts for any donation superior to 25$.

On behalf of our organization and on behalf of the children, I thank you very much for your support!

Constance Chabot, Chair, Board of Directors


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08-13-2019MakiMontminyMerci d'aider autant de jeunes! J'aurais tellement aimé qu'un organisme comme vous existe lorsque j'étais enfant/ado! *****
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